3T MRI — Benefits to the patient.

At Intermountain Medical Imaging, we encourage our patients to be educated consumers of healthcare, and ask questions about their options before determining where to have their imaging exam performed.  A recent question posed by a potential patient is the perfect example…

Q: My Doctor ordered an MRI on my left shoulder. I am too claustrophobic for traditional machines. Do you have an open MRI machine?

A: Intermountain Medical Imaging does not have an open MRI, however we DO have a 3T MRI, which is ideal for musculoskeletal exams such as a shoulder.

Our 3T MRI machine has a generous 70cm opening where many traditional 1.5T MRI machines have a 55cm opening. This wider opening provides more space; proving beneficial for larger patients (the table limit is 550lbs), and/or those patients that may be claustrophobic.

When researching MRI magnets, keep in mind the signal strength needed in order to get the highest quality MRI exam. A 3T MRI delivers twice the field strength of today’s traditional 1.5T MRI scanners, providing greater detail in both structure and function, and offering image clarity that is ideal for both neuroimaging and musculoskeletal imaging. Key 3T applications specific to musculoskeletal imaging show improved sensitivity in the evaluation of targeted injuries to small joints such as wrists, hands and feet — as well as improved non-arthrographic joint imaging specific to shoulders and hips.  Additionally, there is no price differentiation between scanners, be it an open MRI scanner or a 3T MRI scanner.

Clinical Page 2 Shoulder

3T MRI image of the shoulder

For more information on 3T MRI please visit us at: https://intermountainm.wpengine.com/procedures/mri-fmri/


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