Area Hospital Imaging Costs VS. IMI

According to the No Surprise Billing Act, patients have the right to request and receive a Good Faith Estimate on services scheduled to be performed. At Intermountain Medical Imaging, we have always strived for billing transparency which is why we offer price estimates to all IMI patients. 

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Committed To Excellence

Committed To Excellence

At IMI, we believe that patients should never have to sacrifice quality for cost savings. Here are a few ways we ensure that remains true:

  • Accuracy: Before performing your imaging procedure, our board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologists will review your case to ensure that the ordered test is the most precise available for your listed indications.
  • Answers: IMI will make your imaging test results available for your health care provider to review within 24 to 48 hours of your exam’s completion.
  • Accolades: Over 90 percent of our patients report that they would recommend IMI to their family and friends.
  • Appointment flexibility: With three area outpatient locations—all offering a wide range of appointment times—we help our patients incorporate their imaging procedures into their schedules, not ours.



All medical imaging prices are not created equal. When choosing your imaging provider, it’s important to know that there can be significant differences in cost, depending on where your exam is performed.

For over 24 years, Intermountain Medical Imaging has provided excellence in service quality and patient experience—at significantly lower costs than average local hospitals.

Here are a few examples of how our rates compare to those at area hospitals



(pricing DOES NOT include the radiologist reading fee)


(pricing INCLUDES the radiologist reading fee)
Chest X-ray, 2-view$279$70
CT; chest w/contrast$1,978$700 plus $50/100 for contrast
CT; Abdomen & Pelvis w/o contrast$2,756$650
Ultrasound; Abdomen$445$379
MRI Brain w/o contrast$2,009$1,400
Lumbar Injection$2,610$600 plus $50/100 for contrast
MRI Lumbar w & w/o contrast$2,054$1400 plus $50/100 for contrast

*Local hospital charges are based on data gathered during the month of Sept 2023. IMI data is based on the same time frame.

Same Day Pricing

For those patients who are uninsured or covered by an insurance carrier with whom we are not currently contracted, IMI offers same-day discounts.

Fee Schedule (01/2024)

MRI – $600
(price includes contrast if necessary)
Additional MRI exams done same day are billed at $300 each
MRI Arthrogram – $800

CT – $400
(price includes contrast if necessary)
Additional CT exams done same day are billed at $200 each
CT abdo/pelvis is considered one exam
CT Arthrogram & CT Myelogram are $700 

Ultrasound – $200
Additional US exams done same day are billed at $125 each (includes doppler studies)
US Pelvic TA/TV are considered two exams

Spine/Hip – $70
Extremities – $42
Body Composition Scans – $100
(not covered by insurance)

Fluoroscopy – $300 each
(including joint injections)

HSG procedures – $400 each

Xray – $60 each

Screening Mammography – $250
(price includes 3D/Tomo and reading fee)
*Additional Views Diagnostic – $300
(price includes 3D/Tomo and reading fee)
Diagnostic Mammogram – $400
(price includes 3D and reading fee)
Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) – $200i


  • Full payment is due at the time of service (Credit Card or Check, no payment plan options).
  • Prices include contrast and radiologist reading fees.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Pricing is not available to patients whose insurance carrier is in-network and contracted with IMI (including Medicare and Medicaid), as they already receive a contractual adjustment rate based on negotiated rates with that carrier.

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