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Mri Cheat Sheet Update

MRI Screening Form

Physicians, please download and fill out this form to accompany your patient’s referral for an MRI exam. Your patient may bring this form with them on the day of their exam.

Oral Sedation

Scheduled with time to register, change, sign all legal documents and have 30 min waiting time ahead of exam for medication to take effect prior to entering MRI suite for imaging.

Driver required – no driving for 12 hours

NPO 4 hours prior to exam

HOLD pain medications, muscle relaxants, sedatives, anti-anxiety and sleep aids 6 hours before/after exam

Updated Medications and Allergies list required

Discharged after post-exam vitals/assessment

**FOR PATIENTS requiring a deeper level of sedation such as “twilight” (similar to colonoscopy sedation) or who are unable/unwilling to “see” the MRI or “wake up and hear where they are,” that level of sedation is NOT available in our setting–consider scheduling at the hospital with anesthesia assist.

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