Advanced 3T MRI


Intermountain Medical Imaging was the first imaging center in Southwest Idaho to offer 3T MRI—also called 3 Tesla MRI. Commonly used to generate images of the brain, spine, soft tissue of joints, and the inside of bones and blood vessels, 3T MRI sets the industry standard in image clarity and accuracy while delivering superior measures to promote patient comfort.


  • 3T MRI features a magnet that is twice as strong as other MRI technology, producing higher resolution images that provide more information about the structure and function of organs and soft tissue.
  • The increased signal and higher tissue contrast of 3T MRI result in improved visualization of microstructures, thereby enabling earlier disease detection.
  • Newly developed imaging techniques are ideally suited for 3T MRI and may eliminate the need for gadolinium-based contrast agents in certain applications.


  • The 3T’s larger bore creates a wider opening and more space, helping to reduce anxiety in patients, particularly those with claustrophobia.
  • Smart software and increased signal strength help reduce retakes, increase consistency and dramatically reduce exam times—scanning patients up to twice as quickly.
  • The digital coil design of the 3T significantly reduces coil weights, leading to less patient repositioning and greater comfort.
  • Patient-perceived gradient acoustic noise in the 3T is reduced by more than 80 percent.


Currently, 3T MRI is utilized for neuroimaging and musculoskeletal applications such as:

  • Brain injuries and concussions
  • Epilepsy and brain function
  • Improved preoperative mapping of brain tumors
  • Articular cartilage periarticular structures
  • Detailed depiction of ligaments, tendons, and nerves

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