IMI Patient Satisfaction Scores

Have you ever heard of a Net Promoter Score or Loyalty Index?

This metric is used by companies to measure not only patient satisfaction, but patient loyalty. “How likely would you be to recommend {a company, product, or service} to your friends, your colleagues, or your family members?”

For example, in 2012, Virgin America held the top spot in the travel and hospitality industry with a score of 66%. USAA’s direct banking held the top spot in financial services at 83%, and in online services it was Google at 56%.

Why the mention? IMI just received our 4th  quarter 2013 patient loyalty score from Press Ganey…a whopping 89.2%! A whole 8.3 percentage points above the national benchmark group of 80.9%.

A big thank you to our patients for recognizing what we do, day in and day out! We are certainly in good company!

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