Looking For An Exceptional X-Ray Experience? You’ve Found It!

You may think x-rays are only for broken bones, but did you know that they play a key role in orthopedic imaging for surgery and sports-related injuries; as well as many other diagnostic purposes? When your doctor has ordered an x-ray, our caring, professional staff will always have you in and out quickly with high quality images to assist your medical provider with their diagnosis.

I waited maybe 20 seconds to be seen, and was walking back to my vehicle within 15 minutes. My doctor was pleased with the pictures. Superior performance. Thanks!”—Satisfied IMI Patient

You don’t always know when you’ll need an x-ray, that’s why Intermountain Medical Imaging is proud to offer walk-in appointments at our Downtown Boise and Meridian locations, as well as walk-in, night and weekend appointments at our Eagle Health Plaza facility.

“I don’t have any complaints from the time I entered the clinic until I left. My wait was so short; the x-ray tech was great and upbeat while explaining what I needed to do. Everyone was very upbeat and seemed to like their job. I appreciate all that the clinic did for me and they even made me laugh while doing my x-rays. “—Satisfied IMI Patient

Perhaps the best part of having your x-rays taken at IMI is our staff. We have taken great measures to ensure that our practice not only employs highly-qualified professionals, but also ones whose love for what they do is reflected in their superior care of our patients. Here are just some of their stories:

  • “I grew up visiting the Radiology department of my hometown almost every year for a broken bone. I was accident-prone and realized there were probably other children out there just like me who needed help! 13 years ago, one of my first traumas I ever participated in involved 2 motor vehicle accident victims, a son and his mother-in-law. Over the last decade, I have often thought about those two patients. Well, my mind was put at ease 3 weeks ago when the mother-in-law walked into IMI as one of my patients. I didn’t recognize her at first, but as we began talking about her health history, I soon realized she was the one I imaged 13 years ago in that hectic trauma room. We both began crying. When I finished her exam, she gave me 3 huge hugs and thanked me for helping her all those years ago. That was probably one of the best days in my career.”—Rebecca, Radiology Technician, 14 years
  • “My favorite part about working as a tech is working with patients, especially in a specials procedure where you get to spend a lot of time with them. I enjoy hearing about people’s lives and hopefully being the bright spot in a sometimes scary situation. I enjoy providing great patient care that will help ease their pain and make their experience a good one. “—Kaleena, Radiology Technician, 4 Years
  • “My mom was a nurse, so I have always been interested in the medical field I love talking with the patients and helping them with their medical needs. It is great to experience so many different personalities and hear people’s stories. Our job is challenging and different everyday which makes it exciting.”—Cayce, Radiology Technician, 7 Years

From the moment you walk in the door, you will know there’s something different about IMI—we truly put the patient first. Having an injury is stressful enough so we’ve gone out of our way to simplify the x-ray process and turn it into a pleasant experience. We want to be the only place you think of when it comes to diagnostic imaging!

“No improvement needed!! I found my hip x-ray a pleasant experience from start to finish. Great people, pleasant, thoughtful, efficient, timely, knowledgeable and cheerful. I was in and out after just a few minutes wait, and everything was explained to me. I felt welcomed and important. Thanks to all of you! Keep up the good work.”—Satisfied IMI Patient

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