Patient Testimonials

9.4 star ratingIntermountain Medical Imaging is the premier provider of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Imaging services to the greater Treasure Valley communities.https://intermountainm.wpengine.com/https://intermountainm.wpengine.com/wp-content/themes/IMI/img/logo-IMI.jpgIntermountain Medical Imaging was rated 9.4 of 10 by 780 patients last quarter. (Press Ganey)
Ease of Scheduling9.3
Treatment by Scheduling Department9.5
Scheduling Process9.3
Treatment by Registration Desk9.4
Wait Time9.2
Registration Process9.3
Cleanliness & Appearance9.5
Waiting Room Comfort9.2
Exam Explanation9.4
Prep Instructions Provided9.4
Concern for Comfort9.4
Client Staff Competency9.5
Concern for Privacy9.6
Sensitivity to Needs9.5
Overall Experience9.5

Overall Experience

It was perfect. The technician was friendly and made an uncomfortable situation actually seem comfortable. Thank you.

I was treated with respect and dignity that made a terrible and scary situation, a positive experience. Thank you ever so much.

Already “Best” hard to improve on. Ed on front desk always friendly and professional. All the staff are at very professional and friendly. I like coming there for my imaging. Thanks

I would not change a thing when it comes to your care and services. Your technicians were excellent, and very friendly. Both made you feel very comfortable, and were easy to talk to. Your office staff were the best.

MRI Testimonials

I’ve had several MRI’s here and they always do an awesome job! Jeff and Junior were fantastic at explaining the procedure and what to expect? I will definitely use IMI next time I have an MRI!!!

I don’t think they could improve. I was greeted with a smile from Julie who checked me in. She was very helpful and pleasant. Jeff & another man – can’t remember his name did the MRI and was informative and talked to me during the test so I knew what was happening next. That was so thoughtful because I don’t like being confined in small spaces.

They were awesome. I have been to them twice now. I cannot handle MRI because of claustrophobic and if it wasn’t for the good experience the first time around I would not have done it again.

Thank you for sending me this survey. I really wanted to contact IMI regarding my experience was just waiting until I am pain free but will utilize this survey to toot their horn now as well as later. I want you to know that I have even discussed with several people what a great experience I had that afternoon. The most stand-out part for me was how refreshing to go to a business where the employees genuinely seem happy and enjoy there job. Because I was and still am in a lot of pain I wasn’t able to get names of your employees but from the moment I walked in, sat down for paperwork, waited to go back, changed, mri techs…etc. everyone helpful, nice, pleasant and again refreshing in that they were happy. Great job! Keep those employees happy and I don’t see how you’d ever have a bad survey! Fantastic job thank you!

Everything was great. I was nervous and dreading the MRI because I had never had one before but the moment I entered IMI I was greeted like an old friend and made to feel VERY welcomed. Everyone was super nice and took good care of me.

My experience was amazing. Everyone was very sweet and kind and friendly. They were very understanding about my nervousness and took great care me. They made me feel safe and comfortable and were with me during the whole procedure. This was my forth mri and the first at imi, and i will never go anywhere else. It was a level of care that i have never experienced before. i appreciate everyone so much.

The front desk lady was awesome!!! The two ladies who brought me to the MRI room could not have been nicer! Loved them both! Great place and i will definitely go again and refer everyone I know who is having an MRI to go there!!!

CT Testimonials

I would just like to mention Tyffany the CT tech specifically as she was amazing. I have been an RN for the past 37 years so I know my way around hospital/office staff. She was probably one of the sweetest most efficient medical people I’ve ever had the good fortune of dealing with. She explained everything completely knew what she was talking about and exuded confidence. She was reassuring and made the whole experience a positive one. She is to be commended and you are lucky to have her!! You should have a box for positive things to say about someone instead of just how you might have improved. In this case it was excellent.

My technician for my scan was one of the nicest techs I have ever had! She was caring and concerned and walked me through the process and never left my side I wish every technician could be as compassionate and caring as she was!!!

Care and services depend on staff, and in my visit the staff was quick, efficient, caring and knowledgeable. Sunny dispositions mean a great deal to me when I am worried or in pain, and they were great and interaction so that I kept my spirit strong. That is the best service I’ve had in awhile.

X-Ray Testimonials

No improvement needed!! I found my hip x-ray a pleasant experience from start to finish. Great people pleasant thoughtful efficient timely knowledgeable and cheerful. I was in and out after just a few minutes wait and everything was explained to me. I felt welcomed and important. Thanks to all of you! Keep up the good work.

My nurse/x-ray tech was WONDERFUL! I can’t say enough good things about her.

They were very caring and I would recommend them to all I know that is having any x-rays.

I walked in and they took me immediately. I was in a lot of pain and they were extremely sensitive to my needs. They took the x-ray asking all along if they could help me with anything. Before I knew it I was out the door. Dr. got my x-rays and called me immediately!

Ultrasound Testimonials

I was very nervous and had never had a pelvic ultrasound before. I came in the day before because I wanted to talk with the technician see the surroundings and equipment. Without hesitation I was given unscheduled time with the technician and immediately put as ease. They spoke with me privately showed me where the procedure would take place and showed me the scope probe that would be used. Excellent care beginning with the receptionist all the way to the technicians! Relieved all my concerns and procedure went off without a hitch. Really the best care ever.

I can not imagine how you could improve. This was the best medical procedure experience that I have had in years. Your staff was very nice on time and professional. I really appreciated the service I received. I have never been there before but I would highly recommend it and if I need this kind of service again I will ask for this facility. Thank you!

I’ve been to this facility as well as other IMI facilities and they are all top notch!! The staff is amazing – friendly and competent. I fee very comfortable there.

Interventional Testimonials

They could have taken the shot for me. I have been to IMI in downtown Boise several times and am amazed at how painless the procedures are. I sing the praises of how happy I am with IMI.

The individual who did the injection with x-ray guidance was very pleasant and very informative. Explained the entire process and educated me on the process. Enjoyed it very much. Plus, it didn’t even really hurt.

Everything was handled very well. Especially the nurse that prepped me for the Dr. the Dr. did a very good job too. I have no complaints.

This was recommended by the pain specialist dr. I had a very nice experience with Intermountain Imaging and would recommend you to anyone.

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