Web Ambassador and Health Companion®—They’re Just Like An All-Access Pass To Your Imaging Results

If your condition is serious enough to require diagnostic imaging, your doctor needs to know what’s going on ASAP. IMI’s  Web Ambassador system gives your doctor access to your results in just a few hours, not days or weeks.

“They did a great job and got me in and out fast and got the results to my doctor right away.”—Actual IMI Patient

Even if your procedure wasn’t performed at one of our Intermountain Medical Imaging  outpatient locations, Web Ambassador also gives providers access to films and reports from the hospitals and clinics that the radiologists also read for, like the Saint Alphonsus Hospitals, the Saint Alphonsus Breast Care Center, West Valley Medical Center and Walter Knox Memorial Hospital. This secure, HIPAA-compliant website allows your physician convenient online access to your imaging history whenever and wherever the need it.

Keep up with the good job…I got in ASAP because my pain was excruciating …You got me in and results/reading from radiologist was quick…..Thank you for caring…”—Actual IMI Patient

When results are readily available, you’ll receive your diagnosis sooner and won’t experience unnecessary delays in your treatment. In situations where time is of the essence, this is really good news!

For patients who have had a face-to-face exam with an IMI physician, we’ve got something special for you too. Our new Health Companion® health record provides safe and easy online access to your imaging reports about four days after your exam is complete. Of course this is not to be used instead of following up with your physician, and any results need to be discussed with them at your next appointment.

I received very good care while at IMI. No appointment was needed for the x-ray, which was remarkable, and also a very short wait time! I had the report from my doctor the next day. I appreciated the care and service I received at the downtown facility so I don’t feel you can improve on my treatment.”—Actual IMI Patient

 At IMI, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the patient experience. Now just because we are proud of how quickly we provide results, doesn’t mean we won’t take our time with you when you visit. By speeding up how we do these things, our staff has more time to focus on our patients. Don’t settle for anything less. Think of us first when your provider orders medical imaging for the treatment or diagnosis of your condition!

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