Cost Comparisons and Requesting Price Quotes

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The high cost of medical care is a concern for everyone. As a smart consumer, you want to make sure you are getting the best value and service for your hard-earned dollars. At Intermountain Medical Imaging, our goal is to support you through the process.

With over 20 years of experience serving patients throughout the Boise, Meridian, and Eagle area, you can count on us to provide the high-quality diagnostic testing and medical care you need at an affordable price. The following article details more about cost comparisons and how to request a price quote from IMI.


IMI Helps You Deal With the High Costs of Medical Care

Recent studies show that Americans pay an average of more than $5,000 out of pocket each year for doctor visits, diagnostic testing, and various treatments. Paying such large amounts is difficult enough. As there is not much in the way of transparency when it comes to the services most medical facilities provide, the amount due on your medical bills often comes as an extremely unpleasant surprise. It is not uncommon to have no idea what an examination or procedure might cost before your visit. Even if you are quoted a general price, that could quickly fluctuate depending on your specific case details and any healthcare coverage you have.

At Intermountain Medical Imaging (IMI), we understand how frustrating it can be finding out what you owe in medical expenses after the fact. We aim to help you not only deal with but overcome the high costs of care. In addition to being as transparent as possible regarding what we charge, we provide services at a greater value than what you would get at the hospital or other testing facilities.


Cost Comparisons for Diagnostic Testing Services

In our goal of supporting you as both a patient and a healthcare consumer, IMI provides all the detailed information you need to make an informed and accurate cost comparison. We invite you to visit our page detailing hospital imaging costs versus IMI’s charges. The following are some examples of how our fees compare to those of local hospitals*:

  • For a two-view chest x-ray: Hospitals charge a minimum of $198. At IMI, you pay $70.
  • For a CT scan of the chest, abdomen, or pelvis: Hospitals charge anywhere from $1,700 to over $2,000. At IMI, you pay between $650 and $800.
  • For an abdominal ultrasound: Hospitals charge $461 plus additional fees. At IMI, your total price is $379.
  • For a lumbar nerve block: Hospitals charge a base price of $1,799. IMI charges an all-inclusive price of $700.
  • For magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): Depending on whether contrast dye is used, hospitals charge anywhere between $1,800 and $3,000 plus other costs. At IMI, our prices range between $1,400 and $1,500.

It is important to note that when hospitals provide any of the above services, the price shown does NOT include radiologist reading fees. At IMI, these reading fees are included in IMI’s overall price. Even if you have insurance covering your costs, you will likely be expected to pay a portion out of pocket. By keeping our costs down, we reduce the overall amount you have to pay.


Requesting a Price Quote

The above are general guidelines in regards to what various tests and procedures can cost. Unlike most hospitals or other testing facilities, we take transparency in health care costs a step further by being willing to provide you with an actual price quote. By clicking on the Price Quote tab on our About Page, you can fill out a form providing general information and get a response in as little as several hours. To ensure you get the most accurate estimate, details you can enter through our price quote form includes:

  • The type of testing procedure your doctor recommends;
  • The name of your insurance company and the type of coverage you have;
  • A description of your current condition, the reasons for the test, and your goals in terms of results;
  • Any other comments or factors that you feel are relevant.


Request an Appointment or Price Quote at IMI Today

Intermountain Medical Imaging has been a leader in providing diagnostic testing and treatment services to Boise and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years. To schedule an appointment or request a price quote, call or contact our IMI offices online today.

*local hospital charges are based on data gathered during the month of October 2018. IMI data is based on the same charges during the same time frame.


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