Nurses Make the World Go Round!

“The whole process was amazing, and I had the most caring and attentive nurses that a person could ever want.” —IMI Patient

 At IMI, it’s not uncommon for nurses to be seen as the people who take care of the minor details that happen between very important exams and procedures. What few realize is that nurses help create the foundation for the entire patient experience.  Depending on your exam, you can find them preparing you prior to your appointment, to checking in with you after you are done. They are entrusted with the responsibility of making sure you are comfortable, safe, and have the best experience possible.

It’s National Nurses Week, and we want to take this opportunity to acknowledge both the long task list of duties our nurses tackle every day, and even more importantly, the daily impact they have on the patients and the staff at IMI.

The following are just some of the tasks our nurses are responsible for day in and day out:

  • Pre-exam assessments (via phone)
  • Patient education
  • Sedation and pain management
  • IV administration
  • Patient monitoring
  • Emergency care for allergic reactions
  • Blood draws
  • Follow-up phone calls

While the duties our nurses perform are important, it’s how they execute them that elevates our patient care to the next level. From holding a hand, ankle, or foot throughout an MRI to saying a quick prayer for a patient upon request, they take delivering compassionate care seriously and always go the extra mile.

And patients aren’t the only people they attend to. When members of our team have a cut or bruise, or we just aren’t feeling our best, our nurses take care of us so we can continue to take care of you.

Today we want to recognize and celebrate our nurses. Your hard work and kindness makes delivering the highest level of quality care day after day possible.

Thank you.


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