Interventional Radiology Superstars – It’s all about the patients!

Interventional Radiology is a special field of radiology. Specially trained interventional radiologists perform intravenous injections or other minor procedures while using x-rays, CT scans, or other imaging modalities. Interventional exams are generally less costly and traumatic, and patients recover more quickly than they would with surgery.

At Intermountain Medical Imaging, our interventional radiology department prides itself on providing patients a quality experience, as reflected in our patient satisfaction scores. The IR team consists of a variety of team players, including our sub-specialized radiologists, stellar nursing team, and our highly qualified radiology technologists.

With a whopping 90 years of combined experience, the technologists at our downtown location primarily focus on neuro and spine interventions.

When asked “When did you first realize you wanted to become a technologist?”  Many realized early – some as early as their junior year in high school! –  that this was the career for them.  Others, after they had the opportunity to see the impact that they could have on a patient’s quality of life, as well as the impact it could have on their own personal lives.

Favorite part about the job? It’s unanimous, it’s the patients!

“I enjoy visiting with my patients and putting them at ease before and during their procedure. Patients often come in frustrated, scared, and in pain, and I aim to give each and every patient a personable experience with the best customer service I can. I thoroughly enjoy working with my fellow teammates as well as our neuro radiologists and learning from them…they are a great group of docs!”  Heidi B.

“I love working with my fellow technologists and with the radiologists (we make a great team!) We do a variety of exams, knowing the procedures inside and out helps to put the patients at ease.  It is very rewarding to help a patient through a procedure and make them feel comfortable. “Arlene P.

“The patients are what make the work worthwhile. When you know you did a good job, and how much they appreciate everything you do for them, it really makes your day! It is awesome to come to work every day knowing that I will get to work alongside dedicated educated people trying to deliver the best patient care that they can.” Tara H.

“I look forward to going to work each day! As part of the Interventional department, we work closely with the neuroradiologists, nurses, and other technologists, assisting each other and striving to give our patients the best customer service — making their time with us as comfortable as possible. We take pride in doing our best to take patients on time, and to clearly explain each procedure so they are well informed, with no surprises. “Estelle P.

No matter if you’re scheduled for an upcoming procedure with us, or just educating yourself on your choices, know that you are in good hands at Intermountain Medical Imaging!


IR group photo

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