Medical Imaging: Intermountain Medical Imaging Offers an Affordable Alternative

medical imagingDid you know that you have a choice when it comes to medical imaging providers and the price you pay for your results? If your health care provider has recently told you that you need a CT or MRI, an outpatient imaging center like Intermountain Medical Imaging (IMI) might be the right choice for you.

At IMI, the majority of our procedures are competitively priced. For example, a CT of your abdomen and pelvis (without contrast) can cost upwards of *$2,570 at the hospital. At IMI you only pay $520. Similarly, a lumbar epidural injection with CT guidance can cost upwards of *$4, 250 at the hospital while at IMI you only pay $1,190.

I would drive from Twin Falls any time for services at your center, especially at the great cost savings. -IMI Patient

What about quality? Are you concerned that paying less for your services will affect the quality of the care and results you receive? That is not the case at IMI, and in fact, some of the benefits you receive when you chose IMI for your imaging needs include the reassurance of knowing that a local, sub-specialized radiologist reviews each case prior to imaging to make sure the right test for the patient’s specific condition and indications has been ordered. IMI will also have your results available for your healthcare provider to review within 24 hours of your exam.

In addition to receiving superior customer care and compassionate service, you can count on flexibility when scheduling your appointments with us. With four outpatient locations to choose from there are an array of options available for convenient and efficient care.

If you need imaging services and are looking for a facility that offers both value and quality, call us today for your custom price quote.



*Local hospital charges are based upon data gathered during the month of June 2013. IMI data is based on the same charges during the same time frame.


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