Patient Experience Week

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All healthcare professionals are responsible for caring for their patients and helping them get better and providing an excellent patient experience. While April 26 to April 30 was Patient Experience Week, at Intermountain Medical Imaging, we focus on the patient experience every day, regardless of the time of year.


Benefits of Medical Imaging

The technology used for medical imaging procedures has drastically changed in the last 30 years, with patients reaping the benefits. Some of the most significant benefits you will receive when undergoing medical imaging include:

  • Early and accurate diagnosis: Medical imaging provides a clear view of what is happening inside a patient’s body, giving you and your providers a better understanding of the condition. Medical imaging can not only show what is currently happening but often what has happened in the past and what may happen in the future.
  • Affordable health care: When a condition is diagnosed early, it often requires less treatment, saving the patient time and expense. Conditions that are not caught until they have advanced to a later stage typically require more invasive treatments that are very costly and can interrupt the patient’s life for a more significant period of time.
  • Painless procedures: The majority of medical imaging procedures are not invasive, so they are also not painful. Ultrasounds, for example, can show a baby’s development and growth progress while keeping the mother very comfortable.
  • Reduce the need for exploratory surgery: Sometimes, exploratory surgeries are necessary to determine what a patient is suffering from. However, medical imaging is far less invasive and does not require extensive recovery time as surgery.


How We Provide a Great Patient Experience

Our entire team places a high priority on patient experience and appreciates that patients not only need to understand what is happening in their bodies but need results delivered quickly and accurately. It is, for this reason, we place a focus on the following:

  • Accurate results: Sometimes, the procedure ordered for a patient is not the best available. Our fellowship-trained and board-certified radiologists take time to review the facts of your case to assure patients are undergoing the most appropriate procedure.
  • Quick answers: We know that one of the most challenging aspects of any procedure is waiting to get the results. For this reason, we focus on getting the results of the procedures to the referring healthcare provider within 24 to 48 hours after the procedure is completed.
  • Convenience: Medical imaging is meant to help patients, not disrupt their lives. We offer three different locations with a wide range of appointment times, including nights and weekends. This allows patients to make an appointment on a day and time that fits into their schedule.
  • Sense of ease: Medical appointments can often cause patients stress and anxiety. Our team works hard to put patients at ease, ensure they are comfortable, and answer all of the patient’s questions.

There is a reason that over 90 percent of our patients report that they would recommend IMI to their family and friends!


What are the Costs of Medical Imaging?

All medical imaging prices are not created equal. When choosing your imaging provider, it’s essential to know that there can be significant differences in cost, depending on where your exam is performed.

For over 20 years, Intermountain Medical Imaging has provided excellence in service quality and patient experience—at significantly lower costs than average local hospitals. Visit us for a price quote or price comparison at imaging costs at IMI.

We understand that some of our patients are uninsured or are covered by an insurance carrier we do not currently have contracts with. When this is the case, we are happy to offer same-day discounts.


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