Surprise! You can save on the cost of medical imaging!

You might have noticed lately that the conversations surrounding healthcare are much about changes in helping individuals understand how to best manage their own health. Quality of care has always been of utmost importance to both medical experts and, of course, you. Helping you manage the costs of your quality healthcare is one of the key factors in the healthcare transformation.

Did you know that Intermountain Medical Imaging has a longstanding reputation of being highly competitive in both excellence in medical imaging and its cost-value for TreasureValley residents? The concept of complementing cost-savings with excellence in medical imaging is nothing new for IMI – and you can be assured that it will remain a constant.

About Quality

Cost is just one of several factors when considering an imaging provider. Here are a few more benefits of choosing IMI for your imaging needs:

  • Local, sub-specialized radiologists review each case prior to imaging to assure it is the accurate test for that patient and the listed indications.
  • Answers. IMI will have your imaging test results available for your health care provider to review within hours of your imaging exam being completed.
  • Flexible appointment times with the benefit of 4 outpatient locations to choose from.
  •  90% + of patients surveyed would recommend IMI to their family and friends.

About Insurance

If you have a health insurance plan or not, you might be required to pay out of pocket expenses for your medical imaging. Some health insurance plans involve a deductible or coinsurance; and sometimes a certain procedure isn’t covered in the plan. Costs vary for medical imaging among hospitals and independently owned outpatient centers, such as IMI. So, it pays to ask about the cost of your imaging. You could be saving hundreds of dollars by doing so. Insurance may cover most of your health care needs, but not always. It is very important to check your healthcare insurance plan to learn what expenses you may be required to pay before your medical imaging appointment.

About Choice

It’s important for you to know that you do have a choice about where you can go for your medical imaging needs. A physician may refer you to a hospital setting or to IMI. If you are concerned about cost and need assured of excellent medical imaging you can ask your physician to refer you to IMI so that both cost-savings and quality imaging are both addressed in your care.

Why pay more for your medical imaging needs? You do have a choice!




X-ray; Chest



CT; Chest w/contrast



CT; Abdomen & Pelvis (w/o contrast)



Ultrasound; Abdomen



Lumbar Epidural Injection w/ CT guidance



MRI; Brain w/o contrast



MRI; Lumbar w & w/o contrast



*Local hospital charges are based on outpatient pricing data gathered in June 2013. IMI data is based on the same charges for the same month/year.

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